Saturday, December 22, 2012

Phnom Penh...Of Peace, What Do I Know?

Looking for respite at the Killing Fields
Our second day in Phnom Penh brought an entire array of emotions...from the elation of scoring some fantastic deals and great gifts at the Russian Market to the brutal realities of a recent history in Cambodia. The food of Phnom Pehn will have to wait (although I have included a few delicious photos...). There are so many food stories to tell, today I interviewed Nike (pronounced Nick) who runs an Italian restaurant and he was so inspiring that I want to focus on him and some of the other food related stories at another time when we can all savor those goodies. Tomorrow I will have my first cooking lesson and we begin the day off at the stay tuned.

Many of the pictures I have posted from today have a haze on them, no, my camera is fine, but the heat and humidity are heavy. A travel tip I learned today from my nephew is to carry along a few of those silica gel packets that come in almost everything, especially shoes and tuck a few of those in my camera case - everything stays nice and dry. Alright, enjoy the photos and stories from our second day in Cambodia...bringing food and travel from my table to yours - Mama Caruso.

Sitting on the patio getting ready for the day at the Billabong Hotel

My work station

The French influence is everywhere

A quiet corner at Tuol Sleng, a high school turned into a
prison (S-21) during the Pol Pot regieme where thousands of people
were imprisoned and killed

Of peace, what do I know?
The fourteen final victims of S-21
are laid to rest here

Barbed wire kept the prisoners in the school

Taking a breather and learning about the cultural etiquette of
toating in the Cambodian culture

Comfort food at Nike's Pizza House

Now I fit in

But how do I eat this lollipop?
The monument at the Choeung Ek Genocidal Center
at The Killing Fields

There were many quiet places to sit and listen to the audiotape
which provided a lot of important information interspersed
with survivor's stories

The Killing Tree...many children were killed here
and visitors hang bracelets in tribute

Tributes to the children at their burial site

Looking for respite

Playing Settler's of Catan back at the hotel...providing
 entertainment to the other guests

Sizzling fajitas for dinner

Another popular hang out for Peace Corps Volunteers when in Phnom Pehn

The Royal Palace by the Riverfront

Les and Shannon cooling off at the Blue Pumpkin

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