Friday, April 12, 2013

Life Lessons From the Kitchen...#KitchenParty

#KitchenParty at my house on Thursday nights! 

Kitchen Party! That was the highlight of my day yesterday. #KitchenParty is an on-line, live experience sponsored by The topic for last night's #KitchenParty was, 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Producing Recipe Videos featuring special guest Andrea Metcalf author of “Naked Fitness” a book designed to “strip away the excuses and feel good in their own skin”. With Babette Pepaj from moderating, Andrea took us through a number of do’s and don’ts when creating food videos. Many of her tips originated from her own lessons learned when shooting videos, although I wish I had asked the origins of she learned about spraying hair spray on the microwave so that it does not reflect the camera person in the picture…hmmm…

The #KitchenParty Hosts, Babette Pepaj from, Rene Lynch, LA Times editor and writer and Jeff Houck, Tampa Tribune writer bantered among themselves and between those of us connecting via Google Hangout, Twitter, blogs and Facebook and really made it feel like they were sitting right in my kitchen and we were sharing and learning with each other.

I used my laptop in the kitchen and made dinner for my family while the #KitchenParty took place. Every now and then members of my family would walk into the kitchen, pull up a stool, pour a glass of wine and join in the fun. It was really great. I am going to put some speakers in the kitchen so that the sound is better next week and I can hear over the noise of my own cooking. Babette’s cat made a friendly appearance – I love this kind of in-home connecting and am very excited about what will be rolling out of Mama Caruso’s kitchen in the very near future…

Some of the tips that were shared for creating food videos included suggestions that are relevant no matter what we are doing:

·         Be genuine;
·         Don’t overact, be yourself;
·         Make it look great – olive oil and spritzing water especially come in handy for this tip;
·         Chop or sweat – be prepared;
·         Be open – in this context: meaning open all bottles and jars ahead of time…but I prefer, be open;
·         When you make a mistake, keep on going;
·         Stop thinking about it and just do it;
·         Be willing to laugh at and with yourself.

There were so many other lessons, tips and suggestions that it would be worth watching again and you could do that too by going to and clicking on Past Episodes of #KitchenParty. So pull up a stool, pour yourself a glass of your favorite refreshment, preferably in a mason jar and enjoy!

I can’t wait for next week’s episode, and am hoping by then to have figured out how to watch the live YouTube video cast while toggling back and forth to Twitter to interact without stopping the Google Hangout from playing. But I love Google Hangout enough that it is worth the learning curve and will keep you all posted.

So I am curious, what method do you prefer for on-line connecting? Twitter? Facebook? Google Hangout? Blogging? Go To Meetings? Skype? Others? I would love to know – it will help me as I work on delivering the next phase of my work…from my table to yours…Mama Caruso