Thursday, December 20, 2012

Learning the language and making Thai friends

Jet lag has sunk in so I will tell you the stories of the day in pictures. Today was to be a rest day and so we took it easy, changing our money into Thai Baht which is exchanged at one United States Dollar to 32 Baht. While at the bank the manager gave us a Thai lesson and we are now chatting it up with the locals - we have learned that a simple bow with prayer hands clasped in front and a smile while practicing our Thai  has won over many especially since one of the phrases in our arsenal of Thai is "kortordka" which means..."sorry"

After getting our Baht, we visited Ancient Siam which was built to serve as a tool to encourage people of the country to learn about the history of their own country and it is a place where national traditions and culture which are the foundation of Siamese civilization known to the world. If you would like to know more visit The crowds were few and we enjoyed the afternoon! Enjoy the photos...tomorrow we are off to Cambodia...let the next set of adventures begin...

Shannon took this photo after breakfast

Shannon's photo too

This dragon watches over the parking lot at our hotel

Elephants coming out of the woodwork....

A common mode of transportation

A nice puzzle this would make...

We opted for a golf cart to get around - Shannon drove...
have we told you yet that the Thai drive on a different side of the road???

We have more similarities than differences...

Mid afternoon snack of pumpkin soup and shitake mushrooms

Even the bread and butter look like flowers
Good night...sawaddee ka!

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