Thursday, May 31, 2012

Walking and Cooking in Italy

Imagine yourself walking along an arborvitae lined dirt road, it is a sunny day in May, the Cuckoo birds are singing and the air is filled with the promise of spring; green, verdant and crisp. Occasionally, centuries-old stone homes peek through bougainvillea covered fences or you capture a glimpse of vineyards, olive and lemon groves or newly emerged, straightly-lined vegetable gardens surrounded by ancient rock wall fences and rosemary shrubs. Winding your way up the road to an overlook, the vistas are breath-taking and looking out over the rolling green and golden hills you see a castle in the distance jutting out surrounded by thick walls and tile roofed homes. It is a scene from The English Patient, or any of the famous painter’s renditions of Tuscany, Toscana…Italy, Italia.