Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Play Like a Kid in the Kitchen

Love love love these
new marshmallows
I am sitting in the kitchen waiting for the final test bake of my super delicious Chicken Artichoke Enchilada Casserole and can't wait for it to be done so I can post the recipe. Every time I have cooked the casserole is was been really great and all of my taste testers (a nice picky group) have unanimously loved it...yippiee! I can't wait to share it with you all!

I hope to have it posted by tomorrow before I leave for #TECHMunch Conference in Chicago where I will be connecting with food, wine and lifestyle bloggers from all over - can't wait. Too many exciting things happening and I am just sitting in my kitchen waiting...

I am pretty sure I have mentioned that I am not the best "waiter" in more
respects than one, so I am looking around the kitchen filling my time...waiting and look what I come across - black olives and marshmallows> I am immediately transported to my childhood. Time to play a little.

I know you think about doing this
What kid doesn't wear olives on their fingers? I think about it every time every kid who comes into my house does this same thing...if they can do it, why can't I? Ohhh this is fun, if I had some white bread in the house, I would put some of my leftover pasta on it and make a spaghetti sandwich...another one of my childhood favorites!!

And, one of my real favs - marshmallows that came in a little box that was two marshmallows wide, six marshmallows long, in two layers separated by a thin layer of cardboard and wrapped in plastic - which meant that if you did not eat them all, they would get nice and hard and have some great chewy texture by the time I discovered them in the pantry. So sweet with a little crunch, chewy and satisfying...and even then I wondered what they were made of because I wanted to make more...yum.

Okay - so what foods remind you of your childhood? Did you eat the crust first off of your sandwiches or pop-tart? Did you just love a crazy combination of a spaghetti or onion sandwich? What foods or methods of eating food remind you of your childhood?  I would love to hear about them.

Well - it looks like the casserole is done and I don't know exactly what
happened to all of those funky cool marshmallows, but I had a lot of fun today while waiting. Until I tomorrow...enjoy...from my table to yours, Mama Caruso.