Thursday, January 2, 2014

On Q Latitudes on KSMQ Public Television - Fridays in January

Join me, Kathy Stutzman your host for On Q Latitudes
as we celebrate traditions and people from other countries
living in our communities
On Q Latitudes airs on Friday nights in January at 8:00 pm Central time. Join me, your host as we explore and celebrate cultures, traditions and stories from people who are from other countries and are now living in our communities. Learn about their hope and dreams, their struggles and opportunities, and what brought their families to the United States. Each show is 30 minutes and features my guests, my guest co-hosts along with photos, factoids, music, food and even questions asked by our viewing audience. Come and celebrate the culture and traditions and heritage of our neighbors, friends and families on On Q Latitudes beginning Friday January 3rd at 8:00 pm Central time. For those of you out of our viewing range, the series will be available on-line, for more viewing onformation go to: or join the conversation at:   KSMQ Public TV Facebook

Yesenia, Vandana and Kathy on the set at KSMQ 
 January 10, 2014 features the country of India, with my guest Vandana Tripathi. Join me and my gest co-host, Yesenia Mendoza as we learn about the rich and diverse cultures and traditions of India. I first met Vandana at a cooking class that she was teaching and have since enjoyed her cooking several times. She makes her own paneer and I am looking forward to having her as a guest cook on my Mama Caruso Cooks You-tube channel - stay posted for an announcement about that, along with some great Indian recipes and cooking tips for successful spicy meals. Yesenia and Vandana share some great stories and connections in this episode of On Q Latitudes. Join us on Friday night at 8:00 central time, join the conversation on Facebook, or check back for a link to the show if you are out of the viewing region.

January 3, 2014 features the country of Togo with my guests Eddie and Sabrina Devine. Join me and my guest co-host, Luke Sperduto as we learn about the cultures and traditions of this exotic West African country. I have been to Togo twice and think fondly of the people and the hospitality. I have enjoyed some of the best food ever in the capital city of Lome and some of the more adventuresome food in Apatakme, located in the central part of the country. I hope you enjoy learning more about this country from our guests and the stories that they share.

Luke, Sabrina, Eddie and Kathy on the set at On Q Latitudes

January 17th features the Hmong culture. Join my guest Laura Lee and guest co-host, Yesenia Medndoza Ramierz as we explore the traditions of this interesting and ancient culture. Coming up will be shows about Germany with Alisa Ruediger and guest co-host Tim Ruzek and Cuba with Ernesto Rodriguez Ruiz and gues co-host Luke Sperduto. More info and photos coming soon.

Check out what this is all about on
On Q Latitudes, January 10

Yesenia and Vandana on the set of On Q Latitudes

Yesenia, Vandana and Kathy

Yesenia and Laura on set
sharing stories about families

Yesenia, Laura, and Kathy
Celebrating the Hmong culture

One of the beautiful fabrics that Laura brought from her heritage

Tim Ruzek, Alisa Ruediger and Kathy
learning about heritage and culture in Germany

Kathy visiting Ernesto Rodriguez Ruiz at work in Austin

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