Sunday, December 30, 2012

Elephants, Elephants and More Elephants

The revered elephant
Less than twenty-four in our return to Bangkok has us tired and filled with the sights, sounds, smells and experiences of Thai culture - beginning with the Floating Market where you can get anything you want...and more, on a boat - you may choose to be in a boat or purchase from a vendor on a boat, there is so much activity, color and excitement as the boats meet head-on and play bumper-boats with each other. Then off to ride the elephants...quite an adventure. After a stop for lunch we watched a cultural festival and learned more about elephants - what a fun day...please enjoy the stories told in pictures...and as always...from my table to yours...enjoy!

The floating market where everything is on the water

This woman is selling soup to customers sitting by the side of the river.

Our guide told us to be sure to keep all limbs in the boat...let the bumper-boats begin.

The fruit was beautful

You can get anything you want...

except a COLD beer (or at least I didn't see one)

Table-side service

This shrine to the elephant greets riders as we wait for our turn

This was the elephant Shannon and I rode and it was hungry!

Here she is coming round the corner looking for goodies

Les regally riding

Elephants were featured at the cultural show

This elephant demonstration showed off some fun talents

The view from my lunch table

Off for a swim to cool off

These are our windows in the morning...

...and here's the view at night

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