Friday, December 21, 2012

Phnom Penh...tuk tuks abound

Arriving in Cambodia in the morning, we began touring right away. The heat and humidity at 10:00 in the morning has us drenched, but there is no time like to present - so we hit the roads. A tuk tuk is our most common mode of transportation followed by our two feet are tired tonight. Our hotel is perfect, right in the center of town and close to everything. Phnom Pehn has a very comfortable and "small-town" feel mixed within the hustle and bustle and it doesn't take long before I can keep track of my bearings. We eat at a restaurant where we run into several of Les' Peace Corps friends and then run into them again at the Peace Corps offices - it feels nice to see familiar faces.... Les, Shannon and I have a wonderful day exploring the sights, sounds and food of the city...the rest is told in pictures...enjoy...from my table to yours....Mama Caruso.

Tomorrow a cultural day at the Killing Fields and Prison which has been turned into a cultural center about a very difficult time in Cambodian history. Talk to you on the other side of that.

View from the back of the tuk tuk

A restaurant that caters to Westerners, it is right near the
US Embassy and the Peace Corps Office, we ran into
several of Les' Peace Corps friends there while eating
beefy mac and cheese and cold meatloaf sandwiches

I had to be reminded in this pagoda that "Minnesota nice"
is not so nice...having eye contact with the Monks
as a female is frowned upon...

A monument to the Lady Penh

Exploring the nightlife

The Brazilian Barbecue restaurant where we had a wonderful
and very fun dinner - Samba

Sitting on our deck enjoying coffee writing...

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