Book Club Recipes and Meals

I belong to a book club and our slogan is "We read to eat"...which means that we pick books and titles of books that will allow us to create a wonderful food theme related to the book...the book "The Lobster Chronicles" wasn't a great read, but a great theme for a Maine-style lobster bake! Our group has met for over 8 years and I am really looking forward to posting some of our theme meals..."The Life of Pi", and "Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons" both come to mind right away. We are also known to "Read between the wines...or whines" but I will spare the readers here from that particular topic

This month we are reading "The Tiger's Wife"...any suggestions for Baltic or Russian foods? Post them on the comments and I will try the recipe and report back.


  1. "The Tiger's Wife" Russian/Baltic themed dinner was a success! Wonderful food and a great menu:

    Cold Cucumber Yogurt Dill Soup
    Feta Salad - From our Bulgarian Exchange Student's Recipes
    Caprese Salad - a little Italian never hurt anyone
    Beef Stroganoff
    Mashed Potatoes
    Raspberry Vodka Soaked Raspberries
    Ice Cream

    Look for the recipes soon!

    1. I regret missing this feast. it sounds delicious!! dh