Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In Thailand it's 2:30 in the morning and room service has arrived

 We arrived in Thailand a little past midnight - just as the brilliant orange red half moon was setting. Stepping out of the airport we transcend into the heat and beauty that is Bangkok. It is only 82 degrees but the sweat is pouring down our backs and I like most tourists try to get into the hotel van on the wrong side of the vehicle. The meals on the plane didn't work out so well with our stomachs so the first thing we did was order room service....Tord Man Goong, Mixed Grilled Satay and Por Pia Poo Thod has just arrived...can't wait to find out what we least I ordered it in Thai...and it looks good. One highlight of the travel day was getting upgraded to First Class for the 14 hour flight to Tokoyo - what a nice way to fly! I traded with Shannon mid-flight so she could get some solid sleep on the long bed. Nice. We wanted to give everyone a quick update, let you know that we are fine...and eating already...from my table to yours - Mama Caruso

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