Travel Tips

How do you find a great place to eat when you are traveling? I'll give you some of my pointers next week - I'd like to hear yours in the comment section below...


  1. I'll start with one of my favorites - ask a local, I usually start with the cab driver and ask them where THEY like to eat, where they would take their family for dinner or lunch and assure them that I want real local. In Italy, we found that if we got the same answer twice - it was a good tip.

  2. While riding my bike across Iowa at RAGBRAI - I will be seeking out gluten free alternatives to the carbs that are necessary to fuel our bodies as we ride 471 miles. How to seek out those alternatives has been my dilemma as we have been preparing for the ride because once you are out of fuel, you are out of fuel. Period. Describing what that feels like is difficult but is close to being out in the desert sun and heat, covered in salt from your sweat, not being able to remember where you are, you look at your bike and very slowly remember that you are supposed to get on it and as you lift your leg to try to swing it over the bar to get to the pedal on the other side, you realize that there are 50 pound ankle weights on each of your ankles. Asking for help, one of the thousands of riders around you helps you get on the bike, but they don't remove the weights and you are now pedaling with an extra 100 pounds with each stroke of the pedal, the weights get heavier and heavier until you crash...very literally. Riders talk about this level of loss of fuel as crashing, or that their legs are "dead" and that is what that feels like...I've been fun and trying to recover form that level of depravation is really really difficult - so keep up with the nutrients, energy and calories is essential...doing it gluten free is a challenge. August will be featuring gluten free options and I have just posted on the RAGBRAI board that I would like people to tweet or text me when they discover gluten free options on the stay tuned. That is the travel tip of the day - ask around and ask people to be your eyes and ears and then go discover - I will follow all of the leads I get and report back...should be a lot of fun! Tweet at @mamacaruso1 or text to 507219-0912 - don't call - the number of smart phones crashes the band width in many of the small towns and so text is the only way to communicate while on the ride. From my table to yours - Mama Caruso