Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mama Caruso is heading off to Ghana...

Pounding the casava root into fufu

I am leaving for Ghana, in West Africa in a few weeks and am looking forward to bringing the sounds and flavors to your table. Whether shopping at the market, walking around meeting people or sitting at the table to enjoy great food - the atmosphere is charged with rich exotic energy. I am going to be going into friends' homes and learning to cook some traditional dishes and can't wait to post those experiences...but until then I am sharing with you a few photos of the last time I went about the work of women in West Afruica...pretty hard work!

Pounding the casava root into fufu is really hard work, one person usually has their hands in the bowl and is turning the fufu, but I don't think that this woman was willing to risk her hands to my beat! Fufu is a staple the goes so well with one of my favorite dishes - peanut soup.

Many women in Africa spend a great deal of time transporting water, and they do so in such an elegant manner while balancing the heavy load on their heads. While in Togo on a previous trip I asked some of the people I met with to teach me how to carry is what that lesson looked like - enjoy!

While there may be laughter, this is hard work! If you have a West African dish that you would like me to explore while in Ghana let me know and I will search it out.

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