Wednesday, May 14, 2014

West African Cooking Heating up my Kitchen

Can't wait to transform this plantain
I belong to a book group whose theme is "we read to eat". Each month we read a book and then cook a meal that corresponds to the book - it is loads of fun and creates great opportunities for gathering, eating and laughing. Over the past 9 years we have traveled all over the world through books and this month we are reading "The Witch Doctor's Wife" by Tamar Myers which means we are visiting West Africa...yippiee! I returned from Ghana recently with a suitcase filled with spices, cookbooks and several cooking lessons so I am all ready to go.

After a trip to the local grocery store where I found these plaintain I settled on Kelewele, one of my favs: a spicy, flavorful fried sliced plaintain - it makes my mouth water just to think about it. I can't wait to get cooking tomorrow adn I especially can't wait to get eating. Stay tuned for completed food photos and recipe. From my table to yours...enjoy.

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