Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Recipe Testing Day!!

Ingredients ready to go
I cook to relax, I know, I know, for so many people cooking can be a stressful activity - but nothing (well except for vacuming) calms me more than creating some crazy dishes to serve. The wilder the ingredients, the more extravagant the cooking techniques, the crazier the combination of flavors the better.

I can read a recipe or look at a set of ingredients and know exactly how I want it to taste and when I am on a cooking out! I could never make it on any of the cooking shows, because when I am in the zone, tasting the texture, the flavors, the layers of goodies unfolding, being mixed and and matched I go into an alternate universe. Some may call it an altered state, and I spent most of last week in that place trying to relax and as a result ended up with some pretty phenemonal dishes.

Today I am testing the recipes, moving the food from my brain onto paper and I can't wait to share them with you. Each of the dishes are unpretentious but will amaze others when you serve them - all with a mix of semi-home cooking to make the meals accessible for all - no matter your cooking skills. So look for the recipes next week cause I am cooking up a storm today!

Here are some of the delights that are cooking in my kitchen today:

I couldn't wait so had to whip up
a batch to taste test
Coconut curry shrimp poppers
Carmelized onion coconut stew
Spicy ginger fried plaintain
Mango cilantro salsa
Super delicious cheesy  grits
Sweet potato rosemary chips
Corn and bean salsa
Chicken artichoke enchilada casserole

Yummm, can't wait to get these recipes tested so that we can get to eating! From my table to yours...enjoy...Mama Caruso

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