Tuesday, January 14, 2014

On Q Latitudes Celebrates the Hmong Culture

Yesenia, Laura and Kathy on the set of On Q Latitudes
 On Q Latitudes airs on Friday nights in January at 8:00 pm Central time. Join me, your host as we explore and celebrate cultures, traditions and stories from people who are from other countries and are now living in our communities. Learn about their hope and dreams, their struggles and opportunities, and what brought their families to the United States. Each show is 30 minutes and features my guests, my guest co-hosts along with photos, factoids, music, food and even questions asked by our viewing audience. Come and celebrate the culture and traditions and heritage of our neighbors, friends and families on On Q Latitudes beginning Friday January 3rd at 8:00 pm Central time. For those of you out of our viewing range, the series will be available on-line, for more viewing onformation go to: http://www.ksmq.org/ or join the conversation at:   KSMQ Public TV Facebook

On Q Latitudes airs on KSMQ
on Fridays in January
Many stories are told within the
fabric of the Hmong people

January 17, 2014 features Laura Lee who shares with us the deep and rich traditions of the Hmong Culture. Join me and my guest co-host Yesenia Mendoza as we learn about how the Hmong people relocated to the United States, the importance of stories, family and traditions. How does a first generation Hmong woman honor the culture of her family and find a place for her family? What sacrifices were made by the Hmong people as they sought communities in which to raise their children? Why did the Hmong people relocate to Minnesota? Learn about the answers to these questions and more during this week's episode of On Q Latitudes.Yesenia and Laura share some great stories and connections in this episode of On Q Latitudes. Join us on Friday night at 8:00 central time, join the conversation on Facebook, or check back for a link to the show if you are out of the viewing region.

Yesenia Mendoza and Laura Lee

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