Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where to start? How about a dinner for prom?

 I just got in a new batch of Oilerie products from St. Paul and just can't decide where to start they are all calling me to cook....from the Roasted Hazelnut Oil, Rosemary E.V.O.O. and Vanilla E.V.O.O. to the Cherry Balsamic, Raspberry Balsamic and Fig Balsamic all kinds of recipes and menus are racing in my brain - I think I am just going to have to dive in and use them all. Fortunately this weekend a friend and I are cooking the dinner for my daughter's prom party so I imagine I will be able to break these out!

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From my table to yours...Mama Caruso

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  1. We used the Vanilla E.V.O.O. for the shrimp scampi...and the steamed mussels we made for the kitchen crew!