Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lake Wobegon Bike Trail Caramel Roll Ride & Caramel Recipe

Lake Wobegon Bike Trail Caramel Roll Ride

“A Sweet Roll Along a Sweet Trail.” Whenever I travel I like to stop people on the street, the cab driver, or at the registration desk to find out what might be happening in town that day, or weekend that they are going to be doing – it is a great way to find local festivals, food, and in this case a local bike ride…the Lake Wobegon Bike Trail Association’s Caramel Roll Ride.  Bike riders can choose from a number of distances and routes ranging from six to twenty-three miles one way in three different directions. I choose the northern ride this year which featured the longest covered bridge in Minnesota at Holdingford (pictured). But the really great thing about this ride is the caramel rolls which are available to all riders at the beginning and end of the ride as well as a special stops in-between – 47 dozen in all!

Now the ride itself is really fun, the scenery changes from deep Minnesota woods filled with deer and small furry creatures scurrying across the bike trail, to wet-lands featuring sand cranes calling out for their mates and the turnaround point for the Northern route is at the Mississippi River, with small towns hosting refreshments and entertainment all along the ride showing off their towns with great pride. Albany, MN (population 2561) is where the Lake Wobegon Trail Association’s Caramel Roll Ride begins and is home to the Albany Home Bakery which supplies all 47 dozen caramel rolls devoured at the ride. And, I don’t use the word devoured lightly, the volunteers were working hard to keep the platters filled as the bicyclists came and went on the ride – I was lucky enough to snag a roll topped with nuts.
The bakery located
at 531 Railroad Avenue is right across the street from the pavilion where the riders gather and so after my ride, I decided to get the scoop on the caramel rolls. I asked the woman at the counter what made the rolls so special (and delicious) and she said that she thought it was the topping. When I asked her if I could get the recipe for the topping, she kindly smiled and retrieved from a coffee cup on the counter by the cash register a little white slip. I was pretty excited as she handed it to me and said, “of course, we don’t give away the recipe for these caramel rolls, but here is a recipe that anyone can make at home and it comes pretty close to the Albany’s Home Bakery’s “secret caramel” recipe.”  Still thrilled to have a recipe to try, I bought a few more goodies from the bakery case (I had just ridden 30miles after all…) and have been excited to get home to try this recipe. We have enjoyed this recipe here and I can't wait to find out how you use the caramel topping...bringing food and travel from my table to yours - please enjoy!

Albany Home Bakery Delicious CARAMEL RECIPE

¾ cup brown sugar
¾ cup ice cream
1 tablespoon Butter

Mix together and pour over rolls just before baking
Simply delicious
Published with permission from Luann Jopp, owner of Albany Home Bakery - Thank you Luann!

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